01 May 2008

Happy Labour Day!

To think that today is a public holiday, so I intend to bring the kids out since hardly have the chance to do so during normal days. However my day turned out to be a "Not-so-happy-labour-day".

Princess threw tantrums practically the whole day. *sigh* Ruined my whole day. Guess she was too tired that leads to her crankiness. :(

Firstly, we went to an aunty's house and princess refused to follow us home. After much persuasion still did not wanna follow so I brought Denz down to the nearby coffeeshop for a drink. She even said "bye bye" to me at the doorstep. I was fuming mad and upset. 10 minutes later when I was downstair, she pestered to go home so she was being brought down to look for me. However, upon seeing me she quickly said "I dun wanna go home".

Mum and I brought the kids to my in-law's house in the evening that very day and the tantrums started again. When it was time to leave, she repeated the whatever drama again. *sigh* I might as well stay at home. I brought Denz home 1st then went back to fetch her. Still she did not want to come with me. ML feedback to me saying she beat herself very hard while I went back. Princess said she dun like herself. ML is worried she might self-abuse herself in future. Upon hearing this, I also got a little worried. Shall monitor and see how. Hopefully such thing won't happen again.


  1. Javier & Jeanie Mum12:14 AM, May 09, 2008

    I think there's a reason for Wenz behaviour, is it because of Denz? Need to monitor closely. Shower her with lotsa love, maybe she feel neglect or something like tat? Sometimes I also worry about my two kids but this javier seem like always bully meimei *faintz* either he hug her too hard or beat her head or throw toy at her. Poor Jeanie haiz.

  2. I also think she is jealous but I hv really tried my very best to do what i think is good & right. Really hope she will not beat herself anymore


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