01 April 2008

1st Tooth for Denz

We have been waiting for Denz' 1st tooth to erupt and finally we could see white pearlies cutting thru his lower gums, not one but TWO at a go. No wonder it has caused great irritation to him.
He drools alot and kept biting cum chewing on his toes and hands. He'll put whatever you give him into his mouth as well. It all coincides together on that week where he fell ill. Wonder why there isn't any photo on this? Well, he'll bite my fingers off if I open his mouth and try to snap a good photo of his 2 little pearlies.

With 2 teeth for more chewing ability, more food was being introduced to him. He has started to eat avocado, tofu, broccoli, carrot, bread and so much more...... However his milk intake has decreased since then. Hopefully he can pick up on this.


  1. Hey Hey congrate Denz didi can eat many many different types of food. Jeanie meimei still toothless haha but she still enjoying chewing and licking.

  2. thanks thanks. Soon Jeanie meimei will hv her very 1st tooth too. :)


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