09 April 2008

Kool Craft

The final look of my 'not-so-hard work' :p

My workplace has organised a "Beads, Knots & Pendants" workshop for all staff. Needless to mention, I also went to kaypo kaypo though these girly activities weren't really my cup of tea. :p

I went to the workshop site with the intention merely to see see look look. I was greeted to the 1st station teaching participants to tie various type of Chinese Knots. I gave this station a miss cos I know myself best. My fingers were not born to be that flexible. Next was the beads station teaching various type of beads-earings. Every participants could DIY their own preferred design earings. I went to the last station seeing some of my colleagues tracing, drawing and coloring on a piece of transparency-like sheet. I sat down and figure out what was this station all about.

I joined in for this activity and traced a cartoon character, drew my kids' name on, added in some colors and cut it out. This transparency-like sheet actually SHRINK when you place your final product into the oven. Cool right? Another great idea for kids during party if I ever conduct in future :)

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