31 January 2007

Blogging Lesser

Hmm.......u must be wondering why there isn't any updates for the past week. Well, the reason is simply I have no time to do so. The things at work are piling up like a mountain for me to clear, likewise for the chores at home. *sigh*

There's something I felt I must blog it down so finally took some time off from work to share about my darling's recent activity. *grin*

Wenzel has started to take interest in 'chit-chatting' on the phone. She always couldn't take her eyes off the phones at home since she was few months old, which many a time resulted in complaints of not able to get thru when my in-law call up. She will usually play with the phone by not putting back properly but not displaying any ability to answer on it. Whenever, we put it near her ear, she will give a cheeky smile and then run away.

However she was caught pretending 'talking' on the toy phone recently. This is so sweet. She will start off by saying "hallo", then some babbling which I'm still trying to figure out, and end with a "bye bye" without fail. I suppose this must be some form of mimicking the adults. That got to say, I gotta be cautious of my behaviour too, if not dunno what shocking new trick will I see next. :)

Not that I am thrilled over her potential of being able to 'cook telephone-porridge' in the near future (like me), I thot this is something children will take interest in and in fact I'm waiting for it to happen. Hahaha...I know, some kind of crazy mother!!

Besides the telephone issue, she lurves saying "AIYA" nowadays!! This must be a great influence from my mum, her ah ma. When we ask her to drink milk, she will say "aiya". When we ask her to take something, she will say "aiya" before going to take. Hmm.....really behaving like a small adult.

Luckily one good recent trick of hers is she is able to 'help out' a bit in the house whenever I ask her to throw her own diaper into the dustbin and used clothing into her laundry basket!! So sweet of her for being able to do all these. *smiling from ear to ear*

I started to realise children develop so fast...so fast till I have a hard time catching up with what they have pick up. Hopefully, I will be able to capture all these important moments of my darling and spent as much quality time with her.

28 January 2007


Wenzel has finally finished her Level One series of "I Can Read"!! She really enjoys the session. This is the only Chinese material I expose her with.
I notice she has a preference for books over cards. That is why the "I Can Read" series interest her so much. She will ask to read whenever she sees me. Think I will have to go get her the Level Two.
Meanwhile, I will have to make do with other learning materials that I have bot sometime back.

I wouldn't say she knows a lot of words but at least I tried to introduce a variety of knowledge. Bilingual is a must cos most of my hubby's nephews and nieces dun wanna speak mandarin when we ask them to. I find it a pity not being able to speak both languages since we are Chinese.

21 January 2007


Darn...I am down with cough. Ah ma blames it on the shower water that I always drink secretly when she baths me.

Anyway, mimi brought me to see Dr Chin. To her surprise, I din cry and was super-co-operative thru-out the whole visit. Doctor said my cough wasn't that bad and I dun seem to have any throat infection too!! Only need to clear my phlegm.

Meanwhile mimi has to bear with my 'sexy' voice calling out for her while waiting for me to recover......... :)

18 January 2007

Big Deal For ME!!

Haha.... my darling has finally decided to hold her own bottle. Yes, after 20 months, she has decided to do it herself. This may not be a great deal for most people but it's a BIG thing to me. I'm so happy, not bcos I'm lazy to hold for her but I certainly feel that one has to learn to be independent afterall, rite?? Moreover, she can already self-feed herself certain food. What's so difficult with bottle??

She'll will still be manja at times wanted me to hold it for her but generally she can do it pretty well already. It may be due to witnessing Guan Yuan kor-kor drinking milk by himself perhaps!! :p

Holding on to her own bottle also means giving her opportunity to take out the bottle as and when she likes since she's not a milk lover. But in comparison, I notice the amount she took in when she held her own bottle is the same as the amount we held it for her. That got to show she really dislikes milk man........*sigh*

17 January 2007

More About Me!!!

It has been some time since I 'bragged' about myself. So what did I learn in the recent months??? Well well, let me recall the skills I have aquired.........!!!?!!

Oh ok, here's my list.....if I did not remember wrongly... tsk tsk :)

... hmm...I'm able to listen to instruction more clearly and carry out the task been delegated
... I have the ability to command my ah ma to cook for me together with the 'cook' sign
... I can take off my pants, top, socks and shoes
... Potty training for urination is coming close soon....
... my memory space has definitely increased as I learnt things in a fast pace now
... I can brush my own teeth with my toothbrush
... Displaying thumbs-up hand sign and say "GOOD" (actually I'm saying myself good gal, kekeke)
... I can react pretty well with song-play. Dun believe?? Test me next time when u see me, hiak hiak hiak..... My current fave song-plays are Ring around the roses, Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, If u r Happy, Row, row, row your boat and the Tick-Tock rhythm learnt at KindyRoo last term.
... I can form sypnases and link items with actions readily like 'if u gimme a rubberband, I'll tell u to tie my hair.' 'If u gimme a mop, I'll use it for the floor and not for other things.'
... I'm starting to speak in short sentences like 'What's this?'!!
... I can sing but not the whole song now and dancing is my forte man!!! Hahaha :)
... and definitely more words coming out from my mouth as well as more difficult to handle me each day as I learn new things :)

16 January 2007

Hippety Hop.....

Boing boing boing boing..... this rabbit was done up by me (with the help of mimi of course) during my 2nd Saturday Zoo-phonics class. It's a simple craft work this time round compared to the first lesson whereby some painting was required.

This bunny is now guai guai sitting at a corner and whenever I see it, I will call her bit bit. Actually I am uttering the word rabbit but dunno somehow it came out as bitbit, hahaha :)

And oh ya, I learnt 2 more words from it too - fur and white.

Mommy bot home the enrolment pack on that day cos she hopes to reinforce the signs of all alphabets learnt during class at home as well.

The pack came with a cd-rom, 3 sets of cards for different level (I'm at Level 1 currently), 3 books, a set of card game and a complimentary bag.

13 January 2007

Ouch!!! Pain Pain :(

Saw my toes??? Mummy said all thanks to my cheeky behaviour. I was playing with the bedroom door last week and got my this tiny little toe injured. I cried for a short while as blood started flowing out profusely. I dragged myself from the bedroom to the kitchen calling out for ah ma and scared her out.

She quickly wrapped my injured toe with a towel she could reach to stop my blood from coming out further but to no avail until she applied some more pressure on it then stopped the bleeding.

The irony part was after the bleeding no one could notice where was the injury and I also appeared normal cos I could play straight after the bleeding has stopped. I even dipped my fingers with the blood that was found on the floor and applied it onto my face machiam like acting in a ghost movie. After which, I also put on my shoe and walked about in the house without displaying any sign of pain.

It was until few days later than mimi found out my toenail was 'shaky' like going to come off and it turned abit blue-black in color. Mimi waited for a few days more before she has the courage to trim off my toenail. I think I juz have to wait for the remaining nail to drop then the new one will grow. So meanwhile I can't wear my chan tik sandals cos my toes ain't pretty anymore......

Mimi of course feel VERY sad to see such a sight loh!!! :'(

12 January 2007

My Very First Kiddy Ride

Whoa....this is a movable kiddy ride I have tried so far cos mummy only allows me to take those kiddy rides in shopping malls without putting in coins whenever we are outside jalan-ing.
It was so much FUN riding from my bedroom to the hall. I definitely enjoyed the ride.

06 January 2007

Going School Finally.....

I went to ZooPhonics School for my first lesson for the year 2007. Mummy has decided to sign me up for their weekend toddler class after having exposed me to their 2 weeks holiday program. That got to say I have to stop attending my gym lesson liao. I think I will miss Teacher Brenda very much from now on.

Having building up adequately on my motor skills at kindyroo, it's time to learn something different now. Mummy's hoping after attending zoo-toddler, I will be able to pick up good sharing skill, good sitting during story-telling time, good sitting during craft session, good interaction skill among peers and all goody stuff that she has not yet discover.

Today is my 1st official lesson there and mimi already quite satisfied with my performance. Hopefully I will be able to meet all the above-mentioned expectations listed down by mimi. Shall keep my finger cross. :)

Initially, mimi was in dilemma whether to sign me up anot but upon hearing teacher Sheila will be the one in charge of my class, she agreed immediately cos mimi knows I like and enjoy Teacher Sheila's lessons.

Well well, she is right. I participated spontaneously during the lesson. 知我者莫若我娘 :)

05 January 2007

I can keep it NEAT!!!?!

Surprise, surprise, what surprise did I give my mimi earlier????

What I did was merely pulling out the drawer and keeping my own shoes in my very own shoe cupboard. This shoe cupboard is my quite recent addition that papa has bot for me. Everytime I see it, I will remove the drawers and take the shoes out from it making the whole house messy with my shoes all over the place.

When I kept my sandals in one of the drawers earlier, mimi got a shock and of course very happy lah.
She is hoping I can take over her job in housekeeping next time mah. Wait and dream on ah........kekeke :)


After confined at home for few days, I got to step out at last. Where else??? Of course off to the SUPERMARKET. I was super not co-operative when inside the supermarket cos I kept on asking papa to carry me out of the stroller with my sweet sweet manja tone. Why papa??? He can never escape from my manis manis voice calling out "papa ah". The moment he heard this, I am 101% sure his heart sure melt wan loh. :)

Papa fell directly into my 'trap'. Heh heh......but after being carried for a short while, I wanna come down and walk liao. That was my real intention actually. It was the first time they allow me to wander about in the supermarket but their action super kan cheong loh, dun let me touch this touch that, machiam like 2 'big monkeys' catching 1 small one. :p

I think nothing can stop my determination of getting close to THIS. Yes, the yakult corner. I really lurve mentioning the word "YAKULT" nowadays, even sleeping oso uttering out this word leh. I must have crave for it sooo much so that I dreamt of it. But then hor, everytime I say yakult, the adults not automatic leh, can say they always never gimme face loh cos i wait till my neck long long liao oso dun get to drink any. Hmph.....donch care ah, since got chance to grab better take one pack first. Mummy bought eventually but she told me she got me V instead Y cos V contains lesser sugar. Whatever lah......both look the same to me anyway!!!

Eh....hold on a second!!! How come I ended up in the stroller again??? They gave me something new to hold to 'bait' me back to my seat loh. What a low-down move!!! In fact I was happy cos got new toys to play mah, which children dun want rite??? I started wandering who will end up playing more as I overheard papa said wanna buy and teach me play street soccer at home and he'll take the 2 orange cones as his goal post while let me take the 2 yellow ones. :)

01 January 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Sending away the old one, welcoming the new. Hope 2007 will be a better year for all people. More exciting, more fruitful, more eventful and most importantly healthier, richer, luckier and may all the BEST things come to U and all the BAD things dissappear into the air.

HaPPy NeW YeAR to All oF YoU..........Oink Oink......
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