29 April 2009

Birthday Celebration in Skool

I have my birthday celebration 1 day before my actual birth date as we are heading for cruise later. This is my pressie this year from papa and mummy and I love it lots...

I was all ready waiting for my frenz to sing me the classic birthday song. Look at the Hello Kitty cake that was specially ordered by mummy. Awesome isn't it?

The cake was too big making me difficult to blow off the candles or rather the candles were placed too far away from me hence the cake was turned around for me to accomplish the important task of blowing off my 4 tiny candles :p

Some photo-taking the party start...

oh nooooo.....kitty was murdered.....hahahaha :D

Asking me if I was happy???? The answer is apparent right? :p

Thanks papa, mummy, teachers and frens for giving me a wonderful birthday celebration in skool! (",)

18 April 2009

Date with Shervon

Mummy is bringing me for a free music trial at MYC today. Thanks to aunty Chris who helped to source around. R u saying Shervon is going too?

Yeah, gotto meet my best fren leh. We met and went together. Luckily we met up earlier as there was some hiccups locating the venue but managed to reach on time eventually.

We were both in the Sunbeam class as the class I'm supposed to be in according to my age is Sunshine. However, it was full oredi. Nevertheless, the person in-charge reassure that the only difference is Sunshine will learn 1 key lesser and tat's 'bout it. Therefore it was alright for me to join Sunbeam.

The skool uses a very different approach not like the usual teaching you could see at Yamaha or Cristofori.

After the trial, we went Lot One for lunch before going back home for some playtime. Yippee....

Shervon has agreed to come over and play with me. Erm...actually was bcos aunty Chris has given permission to come lah. See, I was wearing Sher's shades. Actually I was eyeing on it for very long le and since gotta chance then dun wait le. :p

Well well, both of us had a fun and busy day together. See ya soon, k?

17 April 2009

Princess 4th Cheena BD

Okay okie, daddy's back in action again! My dear princess gal is turning 4 soon and we have decided to celebrate on her cheena day this year. It was a Princess-theme party @home. I'd say Wenz was really happie putting on her princess costume.

On the other hand, didi also knew something fun was going on and he was in extremely good mood as well.

The food theme for the guests was Jap katsukari Bento set. The above was for Irene as she doesn't take mushroom. All the guests including myself enjoyed the food very much. Too bad my best pal aka the kids' godpa couldn't come as he was down with high fever. May he get well soon. The kids, especially Wenz miss him and kept pestering me to call 爹爹 come.

It was cake-cutting after meal and also the most important moment for Wenz bcos Irene has ordered her fave cake. She has been telling us that she wanna a princess cake since her 3rd buff-day. We have decided to fulfill her wish and make her over the moon.

The cake looks really nice. Everyone felt that too. I'd think is really worth the money spent.

This design was specially chosen by Irene cos she said the doll that was used for this design looks much better than the other. It does looks a lil' like a bride but it was gorgeous and beautiful though.

Didi couldn't contain his excitement any further and wanna get close and lay his hand onto the cake too. :p

As our all-time fave photographer (godpa) has taken MC on that day, the important task of taking fotos was on ME, hehehe and the above pic was taken by our VIP of the day, Willie. Thanks! :)

Wenz truly enjoyed herself to the max. That was the only day I saw her eating so much cake. She couldn't wait any longer to unwrap all her presents after the guests have left.

And tadah....all done! Thanks everyone for your gifts and presence. Happy 4th Birthday to U, my dear Princess. You will always be our precious gem.

16 April 2009

1st Dental Visit

Today is my 1st visit to the dental clinic. If I tell you I am not scare then is bluff u one. Everything inside seems so unfamiliar to me. Luckily mummy was inside with me.

I kept looking at the tools every time I hear "cling, cling, kong, kong". Tat's the moment Dr Yong started to take and change the scary tools.

Thereafter, I'd have to open my mouth wide and let the dentist dig and dig.... I kept staring at Dr Yong while he continued digging and digging. Luckily Dr Yong is quite a nice and patient chap.

1st Visit to the dentist is not that bad and scary afterall (",)

12 April 2009

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage, a project by PUB (Singapore's national water agency), is set to boost Singapore's water supply, alleviate flooding in the low-lying city areas and become a hot spot for recreational activities.

I was awoken by mummy on a super early Sunday morning. The initial plan was to follow ah ma and gong-gong to Marina Barrage (MB) and mummy will look after didi at home. However, this didi machiam like noe the plan and woke up at 6am and refused to sleep thereafter. Needless to say, he gotto go as well loh...Yippee for him. :)

The place consists of 3 storeys with L1 being the activities ground such as water playground and Central courtyard area, boat hoisting area and Pump House which helps to pump out excess storm water into the sea. Marina Bridge is at L 2. This is a 350m long bridge that provide us with panoramic views of Singapore. One of the attraction at L2 is the Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG).

There are a total of 6 galleries, each sharing a different aspect of sustainable stories. Didi lurve it most in ter cos he was able to be freed from his pram and explore the place.

L3 is the greenery place. There are green roof and solar park. The landscaped roof is not only a recreational park where we have whole lot of fun running about but provides cover for the structure below. The greeny greeny grass helps to lower the building's temperature so that less energy is used. You can also see solar panels on the roof of the barrage which can convert solar energy to electricity, which is used to supplement the energy requirement in the MB during the day.

Just one trip there and I can tell u a whole lot of info, isn't me brainy? :)

Mummy said the Best of all is it's FREE, right from shuttle service to admission to the entertainment in ter, ALL are FREE. Who says "there are no free lunch in this world"? Oops, btw F&B outlet ter need $ to dine in lah. :p

11 April 2009


Look at the way we were dressed up, needless to mention we were going SWIMMING!!! More appropriate to say Playing Water. I have been pestering mummy to bring me there every time I go for my ballet. Mummy is juz too lazy busy to fulfill my lil' request.

On a aimless Saturday morning, there we were heading to the pool...

I was all ready and go for my dip dip...

Didi had a great time in the pool too. He was a lil' chicken out initially but got garang and warmed up after few minutes of familiarizing himself. Even under papa's supervision, he still ended up gulping the pool water.

There was quite a crowd at the pool with many children going there for swimming lesson. Didi grabbed hold onto the children's float and played with it till the instructor came to retrieve it. We had a whole of 30 minutes of dipping and didi still demanded for more more more... He put on a struggle before being pulled out of the water. *sigh* He is taking after ME. I remembered myself was lidat too. :p

Mummy promised the next dipping will be near soon...Hurray!!!

10 April 2009

Bear & Chicken Go Camping....

Today is Good Friday and guess wat, mummy's not working. She has promised to bring me out. I heard her mentioning about a bear and a chicken the night before we slept. Hmm....well, dunno wat's tat but I'm sure it must be something fun and interesting.

Mummy woke me up really early for a non-school day as we were meeting Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei 1st before proceeding to the venue. Does the pics look like she has 2 kids? :p

Actually the venue is very near to Aunty Karen's workplace. She is so hardworking, public holiday still come back to the workplace area and some more insisted to have a photograph taken outside the building. *shake head* :)

Some photo taking before going in...

Oh wait, need to get the tickets 1st. Heng mummy remembered to bring.

This was the scene where the bear and chicken were performing their play. I laughed at the silly bear in quite a few occasion. The message of "there is no monster in this world" is stronger than star, moon and sun. Well, at least I did bug mummy on "cheese and the moon". Mummy said she is very certain moon is not made of cheese but not too sure wat made up the moon, think shall ask papa better, hurhurhur (",)

As we bot the tickets quite late, the good seats were all taken up. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed ourselves. Hmm...I'm looking forward to my next play.

07 April 2009

A Long Day Out....

It is quite unusual for us to go out on a Sunday without missing anyone in the picture cos papa usually needs to werk and I have some enrichment program going on. But but but...we have juz did it on the last Sunday. Juz happen I have stopped my ballet class and papa wasn't werking so everyone ping ping pong pong ended up at CS, papa's fave Sunday hideout.

Mummy brought me and didi jalan jalan looking at toys for juz a lil' while and coincidently we bumped into Ash n Ayd's family inside one of the shops where mummy bot the Street Fighters figurines. Think their daddy gonna recruit more more more transformers stuff to build up their autobots empire. :p

After which, we went down to Cold Storage to get some munchies while waiting for papa to finish his shopping biz. Mummy chanced upon these premium-looking Ferrero Ronduoir which looks so much like Ferrero Rocher and decided to give it a try. Niceee dark chocz...didi and I were oredi fighting over even b4 it was opened.

Total damage at CS was very low as papa did not get anything for himself. Hiak hiak hiak...see how long he could withstand not buying. :p

Anyway, we headed to this nearby CS cafe called Deli Vege to try out their food. Their food choices were alarming. We were so spoilt for choice - right from Western selections to Oriental to Japanese and best of all is an all-veg cafe.

I shared my HK strawberry pocky sticks with didi while waiting for the food to be ready.

Didi was so engrossed looking at the hot babes but wait har....I dun remember seeing any in ter. Wait I check with my mummy.........mummy oso said she coudn't rmb liao. Pardon her, age is catching up. Me think didi must be drooling over other people's foodies since he's a greedy lil' piggy.

Soon our food was served and this was mummy's lunch and I taxed a lot on her fries. Not only me hor, didi also leh. :p

Papa enjoyed his meal too. It started raining heavily shortly before we finished our lunch. Aiya....bo bian, we were stranded in the cafe but didi couldn't sit for long so we moved on with mummy and papa making the sacrifices to be drenched while sheltering didi and me.

We ended up at Lucky Chinatown aka Ghost Town cos there was actually this tiny lil' toy shop tat papa frequent. U will understand why I said is a ghost town cos bo lan de. Last time the whole stretch of shops were leased out and now only left with one store open and the other only open for biz like once a month.

Anyway, we went for some yummy dessert opp the building before our long journey on the bus back home and at the same tim waiting for the rain to stop. We spent a really long day out till both didi and I KO on our journey home. (",)
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