02 September 2009


Entry by Papa

My paternal grandpa aka the kiddos' great grandpa, Pak Gin Seng, had passed away peacefully on 30/08/2009 at the age of 86 years when most of the relatives, including myself & Irene were at the hospital, by his bedside sending him off his last journey. Grandpa was a remarkable man who worked hard and made sacrifices during his younger days to support his 10 children.

In the later stage of Grandpa's life, he became a successful sole-proprietor and had passed on his trade to his children, making sure that every child has a house of their own so that they won't have to worry about not having any shelter.

All of his children are successful in their own ways. However having a big family, plus all the children in the same trade had created certain degree of friction and conflict of interests. This complex relationship among relatives at times had saddened me a great deal. Nevertheless, these have served as a constant reminder to me to treasure my immediate family members even more and strengthening the bond between next of kins.

I'm glad that grandpa had accepted Christianity. He has found his faith and finally returned to his great lord in grace. Grandpa had attained eternity and will always be in our heart. I'm relieved the wake held at Church of St. Teresa turned out well with some minor hiccups only.

Thanks for all the condolences and special thanks to all members of 'Church of Singapore' (Marine Parade branch) especially those who conducted an excellent memorial service for my grandpa.

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