05 September 2009

Little Green Frog

It's Saturday which means no school for me and no work for mummy. Mummy has already arranged with aunty Karen to bring me and Kylie to the National Library.

Wow, it was our 1st time to the National Library.

We weren't there to borrow books but to watch a play regarding a 'Little Green Frog'.

This is the play I was talking 'bout. It is about this little green frog named Chung Kayguri who lived together with his mama. Chung Kayguri was very defiant of his mother and didn't listen to her, which greatly hurt her feelings. Whatever Big Mama Frog would say, Chung Kayguri would do exactly the opposite. Her deep sighs shook the trees and her tears would drop into the nearby stream.

Little Green Frog didn't care; he laughed, and said to himself, "Nobody can tell me what to do. I will do whatever I want, my way. If you tell me to do one way, I will surely do the opposite."

But one day, because of his defiant nature, the Little Green Frog gets a big shock which in turn make him realises his mistakes. Just when he thinks that his mama was gone trying to save him away from the giant, his mama appear in front of him badly injured. Luckily everything wasn't too late and he has also promised to listen to his mother from then on.

It is a wonderful story using puppetry, music and fun to help us realise that wise words are worth listening to!

We went for lunch after the play then some shopping time for the mummies. *yawn* :)

Well, everything wasn't boring till we got lollipop treat from mummy. Look at the bright smile on our faces, u will noe ur $ was well-spent on the candy, wahahaha ^.*

One last foto before we bade goodbye to aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei. See U at the next play in October.

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