13 September 2009

Didi's BD Celebration

We celebrated didi's 2 years old buffday yesterday evening. It was a mini celebration with family members only. Godpapa gotto work cos of Comex hence we were missing him.....

The 1st pressie didi opened was given by gu-gu. This is his 1st beary stuff. It came with a birth certificate too. Cool....the bear can sing BD song too! I like it very much......hint hint didi :p

Well, mummy always says gotto share hence I'm pretty sure didi will be generous and share with me then I'll make it mine. :D

Next nai-nai helped didi to open their pressie for him. It is Thomas the Train with Trevor. Didi must be elated cos he simply loves vehicles. As we used to watch Thomas cartoon over at nai-nai's place, this is not foreign to didi. He kept saying "Thomas...". :)

The next highlight after meal will be cake-cutting.....Didi loves cake to the max whereas I love chocz. Mummy especially ordered a cake with cars on top. We had a great and fun time clapping, singing and blowing off the candles. Didi fed himself and made a mess out too!

The next pressie that didi opened was this transformers figure aka Optimus Prime from papa. Didi where got as pandai as me! Papa was so impressed when I told him this is not robot, it is Transformers when I din even watch any TF-related stuff b4. Didi called this toy 'beebot' cos he still dunno how to pronounce correctly. Actually wat he wanna say is 'Robot'. :p

Didi must be on cloud nine upon receiving so many pressies. I'm sure didi had a great time playing so many 1st thing in his life - 1st Bear, 1st Thomas the Train, 1st 'Beebot' and of course 1st time being able to blow his own 2 petite lil' candles.


  1. ooooh HAPPY belated "BUFFDAY" Little Denz!!! You are looking so handsome!!! *BIG HUGZ*


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