05 September 2009

Faith's Full Month

Right after watching the play in the morning at the National Library Building, we went to have lunch, shopping then wait for ah ma and didi to arrive. Yes, they were coming along for Faith mei-mei's full month party.

As it was still early, we shopped at White Sands for a while before catching the free shuttle bus to Downtown East. We then made our way to Costa Sand (Pasir Ris) after ah ma had her lunch cum dinner.

The limelight of the evening was Faith mei-mei. She looks so dainty and adorable. As her surname is Foo, she's automatically known as Miss Faithful. :)

We were among one of the earliest who had reached. Shortly after, mummy's fren aka Uncle Hou Liang has reached. They were busy makan-ing and chatting while I kept myself busy and entertained playing cooking mama and fashion jojo. :p

Didi was creating far too much 'noise polution' in his pram as expected cos he did not take his usual nap. Hence ah ma pushed him to the reception area and before he could reach the reception, he fell asleep oredi.

I continued playing till another fren of mummy aka aunty Ting Ting had reached. We took a group foto with the limelight and left shortly thereafter. Luckily uncle Hou Liang kindly drove us to somewhere convenient and we took a bus home happily. Thanks uncle Hou Liang for the ride.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Uncle James for the invitez and congrats to both Uncle James and Aunty Jeannie on their new bundle of joy. Enjoy ur parenthood as much as mummy does (I think she did)! :p

Most importantly, Happy Full Month to Faith and may u 'fast tall grow up'! Stay healthy too! (",)

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