04 September 2009

All 'bout Denz

In about 2 weeks time, my sonny boy will turn 2 officially. Many commented that he looks 'grown-up' for his age, some even think he is 3 or 4 oredi. See how much he has grown.

He is so different from darling princess Wenz. He is cheekier, more active, hot-temper, loves throwing and destroying things like stitch in the Lilo movie, irritated easily, cannot play alone and couldn't have enuf fun and play once he groove into play mode. But he is a sweet boy. He will get excited when he sees people coming home. He will address u automatically. He knows his rights and many many little things and actions that made me smile and make my day.

Denz is more fortunate than Wenz in the sense that I'm a 2nd-time mum to him. I no longer set my standard so high and I can understand children better now.

That's why I'm more flexible in handling certain issues now, else u wouldn't be seeing him playing with my wallet and the contents within and leaving the mess for me to clear later. :)

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