14 September 2009

Cross Dressing....

Didi always wanna snatch get involve whatever I was doing. As a Princess, my daily routine is to 'build' my castle, imagining putting on gown and walking around with my costume heels.

Didi sees liao definitely will make noise and asked to put on. If I dun give way to him, for sure I'll end up being scolded for not sharing, for not being a good sister.........

Surprisingly, he could walk pretty well with it. Well too bad, you are a boy and boy dun go for girly stuff, didi.

See this cheeky vainy boy, he even said '美美'....OMG!!! The best part is he could even run and dance with the heels on.

What's more? Didi can also do exercise wearing it. He definitely has weird taste on shoes. Not too bad for me actually as he kept me occupied and entertained me all day long.....(",)

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