19 September 2009

My Rainbow Masterpiece

Mummy brought me for my basic art lesson No. 5. Each student gotto complete 6 basic lessons before being enrolled to the regular class.

I joined the 1st class timing which is 9am. However, mummy mistook the time as 9.30am and I was late theoretically but not my fault. :p

The teacher din say anything. It was mummy who realised her own mistake. The sky was so dark and true enuf there was a downpour not long after mummy went off. Teacher let me paint 'Rainbow'!!! It may be due to the weather perhaps.

It was still raining heavily when mummy came to fetch me. She gotto carry me in arms and sheltered me over to the shopping mall to meet up with didi and ah ma. I held my masterpiece in my hands and din make it wet. One more collection to my art file. Stay tune for my final basic masterpiece......

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