27 September 2009

Godpa's Visit

Our forever thoughtful godpapa has came over to visit us. He has brought along a box of durian mooncakes for mummy everyone to eat. I could foresee the whole box of it being eaten by mummy. :p

Besides mooncakes, godpapa gave didi his well-wishes belated buffday "ang pow". A big thank U to you. As we had not see godpapa for a very long time and at the same time there was 'no government' at home as papa was working, we got ourselves a very good chance to "bully" godpapa by playing the "hit-and-run" and hair-messing games. :)

On top of that, we oso put tattoo on godpapa's hands using the remaining tattoos from the NDP.

As mummy had oredi promised us in the morning that she'll bring us down for lantern-carrying, she has no choice but to bring us down else her ears will not be spared. Godpapa din join us in the fun though.......hmm....maybe bcos he didn't bring his lantern along. Thanks godpapa for ur mooncakes (from bottom of mummy's heart :p), ang pow (from didi) and making time to visit us.

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