19 September 2009

Outing with Kbabes

I went straight to BPP the moment after my art lesson to meet up with didi. We had a bit of fun with the kiddy rides while waiting for......

the guest appearance. They were aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei. Mummy called them 'The Kbabes'.

We went to the newly open cafe for some snacks while kbabes had their lunch. I had no interest in food as usual no matter if u r a newly open cafe anot. :p

However, I'll bound to brighten up when comes to PLAY!!!!! Mummy sent didi home 1st b4 re-joining us....

Yippee.....we were going to CCK for some girly's biz. :)

Wat else? Shopping, eating, buying, spending of course!!!! Hiakz (",)

We went Pizza Hut to fill our tummies with soup, pasta, bread sticks and many finger foodies..
Happy us after our satisfying meal....
Coincidently I met my fren, Matthew at CCK too. We ended up playing happily at the playground where I got myself wet all over at the wetland.

Mummy got herself some more clothing from Bossini and shared this last set of Campbells Dinnerware with aunty Karen.
What a long and tiring day but a fruitful trip for all!

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