17 May 2009

1-Day Excursion

As it was a Sunday and the weather was superb, the more we were giving ourselves excuses to go out. This outing was arranged weeks ago and the day has finally came. Together with me and didi were papa, mummy, ah ma, gong-gong, ye-ye, nai-nai and kor-kor too! We went on a 1-day outing with a whole group of people.

Our 1st stop was New Water Plant.

Didi was the happiest cos he could come down and run amok.

I was happie too cos I could lie down wherever I wanna, hahaha.

After the New Water Plant visit, we proceeded to East Coast Park for lunch. Look at the sky....so niceee...The weather was good, maybe it knew we needed that. :p

This gave us a very good reason of eating ice-cool stuff.......ICE-CREAM....Yeah!!!

Look @ lazy papa and mummy after meal. Buay steady, never ask me take photo with them...

Dun care, must retake one more with me inside. ;)

Our last visit was to a farm specialised in Wheatgrass. Their secondary products are mushrooms, aloe vera and some edible herbs.

The visit include a talk, demo and touring around the premises. After which, everyone cheong into the farm supermart to buy some stuffs home and aircon too. Ah ma and gong-gong were not spared either. They bot lotz of things back too!!!

What a long exciting day we had but strangely didi and I did not nap at all during the trip except for me who dozed off only 5 mins. :p

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