16 May 2009

1st Church Wedding Attended.....

Papa brought me to attend Uncle Alvin and Aunty Lucy's wedding. It was my 1st time attending church wedding...same goes for papa. :)

As we were early, we waited a while for all guests to reach while mummy busy exploring her 'new' camera. Papa taught me the purpose of a wedding ring after the newly-wed recite their vows and exchanged rings.

Uncle Alvin looked so smart and happie whereas Aunty Lucy looked so blissful. Mummy said aunty Lucy has the look of Eelyn Kok (the one who acted as ZhenZhu in Lil' Nonya) on her wedding photos.

Makan time!!!! All of us were famished. We went for the reception after the photo-taking. Hmm....I had lotz of eclairs, my ultimate fave. :p

Happy Marriage and have cutie sweetie children like me and didi!!!! :D

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