07 May 2009

Gong-gong's Birthday!!!

Today is gong-gong's cheena birthday wor. The oldies always like to celebrate cheena birthday one. Dunno is it bcos they enjoy eating mee sua and egg ah??? ;)

Jiu-jiu and Jiu-ma came too. So anyway mummy bot a small cake for the event cos she said wat's a birthday celebration without cake right? Mummy bot her fave cake for gong-gong. Hmm...how can she buy something she like and not gong-gong's fave? :p

But then hor, the cake was really yummy.....me and didi each had a big slice of it and the whole cake was walloped without anything left. Happy Birthday to U, our dear gong-gong!!! May u stay healthy 4EVA!!!!

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