10 May 2009

Happy Mothers' Day 2009

It is Mothers' Day again and we had a simple celebration over at my in-law's place. We have 4 mothers celebrating together as usual. Pizzas were ordered and SL bot a cake for the occasion.

The kids were really happie over cake.....oh well...this is not surprising as we are Sweet Tooth Family mah!!!

So what do I have for Mothers' Day 2009???? Didi is too young to understand yet and Wenz gave
me a crafty flower she made in school. She gave me this flower I think 2 days back. I was back home so late cos of some farewell partying. However this gal stayed up till I reached home and welcomed me at the doorstep then gave me this and wished me "Happie Mothers' Day" followed by "I Love U". Seriously.....I felt so touched!!!! Thanks Wenz and I love U and didi ALWAYS!!! Both of u are my lil' precious. :D

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