14 May 2009

Wenz' Homework

Wenz' 2nd home assignment was her "Super Recipe Book". I helped her with it admist my busy schedule. There was a list of foodies to choose from before her teacher gave us the recipe. I remembered I was urging her to pick the cookies but she said she wanna do fruit shakes. So there we were given the shakes recipe.....

The above picture was a snapshot of what we have done. I was glad that she has chosen the shakes instead cos I'd think baking cookies will take up a whole lot of time, hahaha.....me is one lazy mummy!!!! :p


  1. hehee.. invite us for a baking session.. i dun mind u knw :P Talk abt tt I bought a pack of instant cookie bake aft sher's persuasion.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Thks for the invite over ur hse for baking today. :)


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