25 May 2009

Asian Civilisation Museum

We went to the Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM). All thanks to papa who has rented a vehicle from his fren to help mummy move her tons of barangs from her current work place to new site. Did I mention b4 mummy won 5 tixs to the ACM under my name?

Yeap, so everyone is going.....as it is a Monday, it is free admission for senior citizens thus gong-gong and ah ma get to enter for free and it is free admission for children under age of 6.

So 9 of us in total squeeze in the kangoo type of vehicle tat papa has rented. :)

It was our 1st time visiting museum. Think papa and mummy oso not arty farty type lah... we wouldn't be here if not for the free tixs :p

Nice drum that welcome us at the entrance of ACM

The current theme is on Emperor KangXi.

Mummy wasn't feeling well on that day cos she has caught some virus.

But she could still be farny in her sick condition. The adults spent really long in ter which bored didi out. Guess will have a long wait b4 we visit museum again! (",)

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