30 August 2008

Nursery Open House

Wenz' school has a Nursery Open House from 10 am to 12 noon and I have registered her for the event for more exposure. We went for their outdoor activites like sand-play, fishing and balancing act before going into the classroom for story-telling and other indoor activities.
Missy was busy having fun with dough, puzzles and blocks before proceeding with the last activity which is her fave, CRAFT. The above pic definitely don't sound convincing that craft is her fave. She likes to mess around but not with her fingers dirty. Her fingers got all sticky glue over after pasting different shapes on her craft work and she was busy peeling off the sticky stuff on her fingers.

Look at her messy end product - A paper bag. We bid goodbye to the teachers before heading home for lunch and getting ready to meet Karen and Kylie in the afternoon for a 'show' at the Esplanade.

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