17 August 2008

Denz is 11th

Didi is 11 months old and just happened it is also mummy's actual ang moh birthdate. He is growing up while mummy is becoming OLD matured. :p

So what can didi do?
He could sing "Ei ah ei ah o" when u sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
He gets really excited when he sees ye-ye come over cos which means he get to go out gai-gai.
He will fake cry whenever nai-nai comes cos nai-nai always fall for this trick and will carry him for sure.
He loves kissing ah ma whenever he is in the play yard with her and generously 'applying' his saliva all over her face.
He enjoys showing off his unassisted steps in his playpen and play yard and will display his 'how lian' expressions.
He is really afraid of me cos whenever I get near him, he noes tat trouble is approaching and will safeguard his whatever toys that are in his hands and put up a very tight security juz in case I decided to take it over and 'inspect'.
He is also a Grrreat Complain King cos he will always go to mummy, ah ma, ye-ye or whoever around whenever I snatch away his things. Well, must really educate him to have good sharing.
He became very 'seng mok' after 2 caning experiences from papa. Whenever papa walks near and raised his voice, he will stay really quiet till mummy appears and carry him away.

Okie doki, tat's all for this month. One more month and he will turn ONE where all fun, cake and goodies will be. See ya.....Oops and also Happy Birthday to MUMMY!!

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