08 August 2008


Annyeonghaseyo (hello in korean)!!! Yes I know, I look fabulous in this costume. *shyless*
Gamsahabnida (Thank You)!!! I'm all geared up going to leave home to celebrate my nai-nai's birthday.

Everyone eats to their content as it was a buffet treat. I had lotsa cookies and jellies to my content as well. :p

We are 2 act-cute fellas!!

We left for nai-nai's house after dinner for durian session and cake cutting. No pics as camera batt went on strike.

Happy Birthday to my dearest 奶奶. I wish you best of health, best of luck (in ur toto & 4D) and best of all.

1 comment:

  1. Wenz and my sister's boyfriend sure can click. Wenz likes his companionship and Jia Wei loves children a lot.


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