08 August 2008

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

Schools always celebrate National Day on the eve of the actual day, same goes for Wenz' preschool. I dressed her up in red and white and went to school together with her as I was a parent volunteer at her school for the day.

I enjoyed myself there as well. First part of the program was doing aerobics followed by hand/face painting in the class. All children love the activities laid out for them. I believe my gal enjoyed herself. Look at the painting done up on her face and hand. Teacher Noraini has painted for her a heart-shaped on the face and flower on her hand.

The above photos were courtesy from Teacher Cai Ning as hubby has forgotten to take photo of it when they reached home. With the fun activities going on, the day passed by so fast without myself realising it. 1/2 day gone in such a breeze as I occupied myself with the painting activities with the children.

Happy 43 to Singapore!!!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry for not taking any photos cos my mind was preoccupied about rushing home before it rains that day.

    Thank you very much Teacher Cai Ning for your care and love to our princess.


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