03 August 2008

My Little Ballerina

Long wanted to blog about her new signed-up skill ........tadah....ya, Wenz is learning ballet. Isn't she lovely?

I have signed her for ballet class together with her little fren, Shervon. They have attended 2 lessons thus far and will be continuing for another term and shall see how. Wenz love to dance to bits. She is always excited to go when Sun comes. I guess she loves wearing the costume as she feels that she looks like a princess in it. Silly gal....she's mummy's princess no matter wat. :p

I'm also kinda happy to see that she enjoys every lesson. It's not about the outcome of being able to dance or whether it's worth ur money anot but the little joy and happiness brought to a child. Children is so simple, they do not hide their emotion, thus it's rather easy to detect her liking towards a new thing. Hopefully this new exposure will not be a 3-minute thing. The teacher mentioned there will be exam for moving to the next grade. So this is not a play-play thing wor. Well, shall see if she can pass when it comes.

1 comment:

  1. I also noticed Wenz really love dancing and singing nowadays :)


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