15 August 2008

It's mummy's birthday

Singing a birthday song for mummy

Wenz can't wait to blow the candle

Cake cutting ceremony

Didi enjoying the chocolate cake

Our couple suite for spa and massage

I'm enjoying the hydrobath

Loving couple

Yesterday was mummy's Lunar birthday so we decided to enjoy some couple time during the day. I met up with Irene at Orchard after her yoga session and she surprised me by her arrangement to join her for spa and massage in a couple suite. It's really my first experience to such a place and it's definitely an excellent one. It's a place with nice ambience and privacy.

After the spa & massage session, we headed for Häagen-Dazs to have delicious refreshment. We ordered ice-cream with brownies and belgian waffles and had further wonderful time sharing our food and resting on the couch. Thereafter, we went for a movie at GV. We chose 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D (2008)' by Brendan Fraser. It was a fun movie with lots of exciting and funny scenes.

We did some shopping after the movie and I wanted a buy a GUESS bag for Irene as present however she told me the 20% discount promotion was over and the design she wanted was also sold out. Irene didn't want me to spend money unnecessarily and she don't need any present. I'm very touched that I have such understanding and thoughtful wife. Anyway, I already have big plan for Irene this coming October. Hee! Hee!

So, I bought a cake and we headed home to have some family time. When we arrived at home, I could see Irene's happiness when didi came crawling to her uttering un-understood wordings of welcome and Wenz greeted mummy with 'Happy Birthday'. The day ended with joyful birthday song and cake eating. Indeed a day I will not forget!


  1. wow...u r fast in updating blog har!! Glad everyone enjoys and v fun on this day as MOI turns 30 :)

    Happy that u enjoyed the massage, at least now u not phobia or hvg misconception abt massage is painful and uncomfortable. Next time can jio u go again but u pay, kekeke :p

    Thanks for ur great companionship. I had a wonderful day. Muacks

  2. wow, soooo sweet! :) wat a happy and blissful family!

  3. oooh HAPPY BELATED Birthday...sorry this birthday wish came so late... wow your birthday celebration looks fabulous!!! I am envious!!! *smile*


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