20 February 2008

Updates on the kids

Wenz has gone school for almost 3 weeks and she loves everything about school even taking school bus. Her terrible 2 has improve a little but not eliminate entirely. She can communicate her needs, wants, likes and dislikes totally. I could see her talking back to me like a little adult. One thing that never change is her unwillingness to sleep and it has gotten worse especially reach bedtime. She will come telling me "Mummy, I don't want to sleep" but I want to sleep leh. I was so sleep-deprived and this gal...full of energy says dun wanna sleep everyday. *shake head*
So what about this boy? I wonder it's genetic or what? He got this 'super-bug' from his jie-jie as well. He is forever curious and starting to display his unwillingness to sleep. He will stay awake, talk and play with you. If I try to pat him to sleep, he will 'sing' u his usual 'song' until you buay tahan and carry him up. Smart right? Really know how to manipulate his mummy. I could foresee another active toddler coming his way soon.....

On a happy note, the 2 kiddos are on good terms now. Wenz will sayang Denz after months of 'training'. Denz loves his jie-jie. He will always smile and laugh at Wenz' actions and words. He simply loves playing with jie-jie, only bcos Wenz dunno how to play with him. However, Wenz loves to follow whatever didi do.
Didi on fours, she also on her fours.
Didi eats cereal, she also says she wanna eat cereal.
Didi drinks milk, she also says she wanna drink.
Didi poo, so coincidently she also poo-ed.
Didi bathe, she also wants to bathe.
Didi cry, she also fake her cries and the list goes on and on and never ending.....

It's really cute seeing both of them playing together. Dun see didi small small, he oredi knows how to snatch things when Wenz tried to take away from him. What to do, must have learnt this skill from none other than jie-jie loh. :lol:


  1. Hey, Wenz and Denz look so happy together. They must enjoy each other accompany very much. I also find that Javier dun noe how to play with his meimei. Guess the toddler prefer to play with those older kids.

  2. Dunno how to play nvm, as long as dun beat and show jealousy can liao else I sure big head one.


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