17 February 2008

Denz is 5 Months Old

Denz is 5 months old today. He has started to crawl a little since 2 weeks back. He is able to reach his toy from one end to another end of the mat. He will turn even when asleep. 

Changing and bathing him has definitely get a lot more challenging nowadays. His grasping skill has improved too. I can vouch for this cos my hair is always in his hand *ouch*.
He has started to 'boo' all his saliva out making his clothing wet. Sometimes he can really boo non-stop. Alamak, which means my hair will continue to drop dunno till when cos my malay colleague told me mother's hair will start to drop when her bb start boo-ing. Jialat, i think I'm gonna be bald soon if Denz continue to boo this way. :(

He has finished 1 box of Heinz Rice Cereal and 1 tin of Friso Wheat-based Cereal. We are now mixing brown rice cereal from Eu Yan Sang with rice cereal. He dun really like to eat fruits on its own but he is alright if we blend it into his cereal.

He drools a lot and enjoy putting things into his mouth. Well, signs of teething can be seen but still no sign of any white pearlie cutting thru his gum. 

Well, the journey continues and I'm awaiting for another exciting month to come......Happy 5 months old son!!

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  1. awww... Denzel is definitely going to be a heartbreaker... ;P


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