14 February 2008

Spoilt for Choice

Today is V-day and we are all at home. Grand celebration, romantic dinner, flowers and gifts were in the past before our 2 lovely kids came along. It's not that I'm complaining the 2 'light bulbs' are too bright for such an occasion, sometimes it's good to have some couple time but definitely not today. Both hb and I have reach the consensus of not wanting to be 'getok' by the commercialise way of celebrating such an event.

I was out shopping for suitable gift for hb the day before V-day and couldn't find any. Yes, really couldn't find anything that is suitable and I wouldn't want to spend $ juz bcos I need a present. Instead I ordered cake for the special day as I walked pass this bakery, not 1 but 2 cos I dunno which to choose. Both look equally tempting to me. Dun forget, I'm a cake-lover, so is hb. I'm sure he'll like the mango mousse one whereas I'll prefer the vanilla one.

I was so happy with what I have ordered and went home in high spirit. On the actual day, no gift and juz cakes and we were still happy. I asked mum not to cook and we ordered pizzas for dinner. Everyone shares and eats happily. My prediction is true, hb loves the mango mousse and I like the vanilla more. 

Everyday is like V-day as long as u r happy together and we dun need V-day to remind ourselves to love each other more. Happy Valentine's Day to all!! :)

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