28 February 2008

Hooked on Cars

Boys are boys.....loves cars, loves action, loves movement...... Denz is not spared either. He loves cars...YES, cars!!! He got really excited watching cartoons with cars. His fave cartoon for now gotto be "Red Little Tractor" showing from Mon to Fri at 2pm at Kids Central Channel. He will jump and fidget and not stay calm when he sees it. He watched with full concentration. All these was illustrated by my mum but I could imagine it - the excitement in a baby :)

People has been telling me I'm biased and unfair cos I didn't buy much things for Denz, in fact, NONE. I have everything right from passed-down clothings to toys that Wenz played b4 so I really dun see the need to buy any, at least for now. Since I know he likes car, I went to buy this DVD titled "Cars". I was thinking he could watch this as and when he wants after I got it. I played for him the moment we got home but I dun see that excitement in him *scratch head*

He dun like sporty type of cars perhaps? It was my gal who got excited rather than the boy. But anyway, he didn't finish watching but my eyes got glued to the TV the moment I on it. Hahaha, how irony!!! I'm a cartoon cum anime lover by nature so what do u expect. *grinning* :)

When I told FL about Denz' liking, guess what?? He brought a bag full of toy cars to our house the next day. All those toy cars were passed down from Ben, my nephew. I got a few toy cars as well, can't really remember where I got it from but there was one (pic on the right) was one of the car featured on the movie that I bot. Wenz could co-relate and tell me it's the same as the one in the movie.

Another thing I bot for Denz is this toy in the center pic. It's a wind-up toy and the car will go round and round the wheel. Denz loves it so much till he will even wake up upon hearing the sound of the winding when his jie-jie play with it. Aiyo, better keep it when he is napping.

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