07 February 2008

Chinese New Year 1

Both didi and I wasn't feeling well. Didi was having runny nose. Darn....I got fever right on the 1st day of new year. Luckily it wasn't too difficult for mimi to feed me the fever medicine and I had 2 dosages of it. Think I wasn't at the right state of mind to be so easy to gulp down the medication.

After koon-ing for almost the whole day, I felt better. It was near evening by the time I reached ye-ye's house. Nai-nai thot something happened cos it was agreed that mimi and ah ma to have lunch and dinner at her place. However, we only turned up for dinner. Mimi also forgotten to inform nai-nai.

Well, we weren't too late as most of the relatives turned up shortly after we have reached. Didi was happily being carried around by all the gu-gu, gu-por and yi-por. Mummy was also happy to help us keep our ang paos.

Papa joined in later after he has knocked off from his work. We stayed till late night before going back home. We were dead beat as everyone didn't get enuf sleep ever since the eve of CNY and it wasn't too difficult to make us sleep.

Celebrating Chinese New Year is great and fun. I love taking my 'kams aka mandarin oranges', eating new year goodies (as I oni know how to eat these this year), saying gong xi gong xi whilst collecting ang paos (though still dunno the importance of what's within) and of course papa and mimi staying at home with me.

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