30 August 2008

The Boy Who Touch the Moon

It was Wenz' 1st experience to watch a play at the Esplanade. We met up with Karen and Kylie 1st before entering the Recital Studio. My mum and Denz went as well but they waited outside for us.

This is a play put up by Tick, tack and Tock and total duration of show is only 40 minutes. Their target audiences are children from 2 to 4 years hence 40 minutes is quite ideal I think.

The 1st part of the show teaches the kids how to cast shadows in a lively way before touching on the story of how a boy touches the moon. They ended the play with another story, telling the kids to listen to advice and not to disobey.

We have bought the tickets for one more upcoming playtime in October. See ya then....

Nursery Open House

Wenz' school has a Nursery Open House from 10 am to 12 noon and I have registered her for the event for more exposure. We went for their outdoor activites like sand-play, fishing and balancing act before going into the classroom for story-telling and other indoor activities.
Missy was busy having fun with dough, puzzles and blocks before proceeding with the last activity which is her fave, CRAFT. The above pic definitely don't sound convincing that craft is her fave. She likes to mess around but not with her fingers dirty. Her fingers got all sticky glue over after pasting different shapes on her craft work and she was busy peeling off the sticky stuff on her fingers.

Look at her messy end product - A paper bag. We bid goodbye to the teachers before heading home for lunch and getting ready to meet Karen and Kylie in the afternoon for a 'show' at the Esplanade.

27 August 2008

Trip of the Year 2008

It is once again our family trip overseas and this time round we headed for the beautiful island of Batam for a 3 days 2 nights stay.

The short travelling time of approximately an hour was very ideal as the kids would get too bored if travelling for too long.

We were welcomed by the friendly staffs from Harris Resort once we had reached the jetty, followed by many more pleasant experiences at the resort. Our rooms were all in a row with my room next to my parents'. There were even a door inside which connects the 2 rooms.

In order to avoid sleepless nights caused by didi due to unfamiliarity to the new surrounding, mummy decided to bring along Denz' playpen. No kidding man! Mattress was carried along too. @_@

We have tons of luggage plus the playpen, mattress, pram............as if migrating to a new country, trying to bring the whole house over.

The first day was more of feasting & exploring the resort. Well, the resort has very good concept of trying to be 'self-sufficient' with everything within including SPA for the ladies, activities for the kids, BBQ grill, go-kart etc but personally I think the adventure centre was not very well maintained or rather not fully utilized.

As the weather on the 1st day wasn't too good, thus the kids couldn't go for their dip. Ben was disappointed hence he woke up early in the morning the next day and urged my dad to bring him down. But everything gotto wait till after breakfast. Filling up the tummy is a much important task to the adults. :p

The kids could not contain their excitement for swimming so we created splashing and waves at the pool soon after breakfast. Wenz was all geared up and ready for some real action.

Machiam machiam only....

Happy Ben at the Pool

Didi in action

Denz got his fair chance of dipping as well else he will be grumbling and complaining. He already know the full meaning of fighting for his right. :p

The kids enjoyed themselves so much at the pool. It was so heartening to see all children playing happily and having so much fun. At least the purpose of having this holidays is to make them happy and have some time to relax.

Well, if u think didi didn't complain then you are wrong. He complained that his dip in the pool was a short one. He wanted the equal duration as his jiejie and Ben korkor cos he was taken out of the pool after a mere 10 minutes dip. Couldn't blame him for not smiling for the camera.

Wenz also came out of the pool reluctantly as we had booked for a free shuttle service to the town area for lunch and shopping at the mall in the afternoon. The kids need to get some rest before setting off.

There is nothing spectacular about the shopping there but still mummy managed to get herself a big bag of clothing at cheap price.

The food is cheap though. My parents dined at one of the posh-type of dim sum restaurant and total bill only around S$30 plus dapao for dinner. Irene and her parents dined at one of the local restaurant serving Indonesian dishes only cost her approx $10 for food and drinks. Ben and I went for A&W, miss the coney dog, root bear float, curly fries, waffles and so many....YUMMY. Not cheap though compared to the bill sizes of my parents and Irene but that doesn't matter as the food brought back lots of my memories. To my nephew, it might just be a fast food restaurant like Mac but it hold a lot more than this to me. We packed lotsa food for dinner back to the resort before taking the shuttle.

Every good thing has to come to an end and 3 days seems like a flash. We were heading home with a happy mind, relaxed body and revitalised soul. Looking forward to a longer trip next time.

23 August 2008

Fish Spa

Look at the fishes crowding around our feet

It's lunch time

My recommendation

Cheers and see ya!

It's the eve of our Batam trip, but instead of staying at home to conserve energy, we all headed out for Singapore Flyers instead. My parents and in-laws have yet to experience taking the Flyers, so we let the folks and children enjoy themselves with the sky view while mummy and I tried out something totally new.

Yes! It's fish spa! Let our dead tissues on stinky feet be food to the little fishes. It was really tinkerish at first, but you will soon get used to it since the spa will last 20 minutes anyway.
The result: smoother feet and feeling more refreshing. Hee! Hee!

17 August 2008

Denz is 11th

Didi is 11 months old and just happened it is also mummy's actual ang moh birthdate. He is growing up while mummy is becoming OLD matured. :p

So what can didi do?
He could sing "Ei ah ei ah o" when u sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
He gets really excited when he sees ye-ye come over cos which means he get to go out gai-gai.
He will fake cry whenever nai-nai comes cos nai-nai always fall for this trick and will carry him for sure.
He loves kissing ah ma whenever he is in the play yard with her and generously 'applying' his saliva all over her face.
He enjoys showing off his unassisted steps in his playpen and play yard and will display his 'how lian' expressions.
He is really afraid of me cos whenever I get near him, he noes tat trouble is approaching and will safeguard his whatever toys that are in his hands and put up a very tight security juz in case I decided to take it over and 'inspect'.
He is also a Grrreat Complain King cos he will always go to mummy, ah ma, ye-ye or whoever around whenever I snatch away his things. Well, must really educate him to have good sharing.
He became very 'seng mok' after 2 caning experiences from papa. Whenever papa walks near and raised his voice, he will stay really quiet till mummy appears and carry him away.

Okie doki, tat's all for this month. One more month and he will turn ONE where all fun, cake and goodies will be. See ya.....Oops and also Happy Birthday to MUMMY!!

15 August 2008

It's mummy's birthday

Singing a birthday song for mummy

Wenz can't wait to blow the candle

Cake cutting ceremony

Didi enjoying the chocolate cake

Our couple suite for spa and massage

I'm enjoying the hydrobath

Loving couple

Yesterday was mummy's Lunar birthday so we decided to enjoy some couple time during the day. I met up with Irene at Orchard after her yoga session and she surprised me by her arrangement to join her for spa and massage in a couple suite. It's really my first experience to such a place and it's definitely an excellent one. It's a place with nice ambience and privacy.

After the spa & massage session, we headed for Häagen-Dazs to have delicious refreshment. We ordered ice-cream with brownies and belgian waffles and had further wonderful time sharing our food and resting on the couch. Thereafter, we went for a movie at GV. We chose 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D (2008)' by Brendan Fraser. It was a fun movie with lots of exciting and funny scenes.

We did some shopping after the movie and I wanted a buy a GUESS bag for Irene as present however she told me the 20% discount promotion was over and the design she wanted was also sold out. Irene didn't want me to spend money unnecessarily and she don't need any present. I'm very touched that I have such understanding and thoughtful wife. Anyway, I already have big plan for Irene this coming October. Hee! Hee!

So, I bought a cake and we headed home to have some family time. When we arrived at home, I could see Irene's happiness when didi came crawling to her uttering un-understood wordings of welcome and Wenz greeted mummy with 'Happy Birthday'. The day ended with joyful birthday song and cake eating. Indeed a day I will not forget!

08 August 2008


Annyeonghaseyo (hello in korean)!!! Yes I know, I look fabulous in this costume. *shyless*
Gamsahabnida (Thank You)!!! I'm all geared up going to leave home to celebrate my nai-nai's birthday.

Everyone eats to their content as it was a buffet treat. I had lotsa cookies and jellies to my content as well. :p

We are 2 act-cute fellas!!

We left for nai-nai's house after dinner for durian session and cake cutting. No pics as camera batt went on strike.

Happy Birthday to my dearest 奶奶. I wish you best of health, best of luck (in ur toto & 4D) and best of all.

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

Schools always celebrate National Day on the eve of the actual day, same goes for Wenz' preschool. I dressed her up in red and white and went to school together with her as I was a parent volunteer at her school for the day.

I enjoyed myself there as well. First part of the program was doing aerobics followed by hand/face painting in the class. All children love the activities laid out for them. I believe my gal enjoyed herself. Look at the painting done up on her face and hand. Teacher Noraini has painted for her a heart-shaped on the face and flower on her hand.

The above photos were courtesy from Teacher Cai Ning as hubby has forgotten to take photo of it when they reached home. With the fun activities going on, the day passed by so fast without myself realising it. 1/2 day gone in such a breeze as I occupied myself with the painting activities with the children.

Happy 43 to Singapore!!!

06 August 2008

Kool Art

Wanna try out this long ago but couldn't find the time to do so. Juz happen there was a need to meet my fren at Causeway Point to collect my cheese and nachos (yummy) thus hb and I took some time to let Wenz doing some craft work.

Missy of course loves to mess around, somemore with license to mess, sure u can see the smile on her face.

This is the end result before sending it for 'baking'. Quite please with the overall session. Will have fun again next time

03 August 2008

My Little Ballerina

Long wanted to blog about her new signed-up skill ........tadah....ya, Wenz is learning ballet. Isn't she lovely?

I have signed her for ballet class together with her little fren, Shervon. They have attended 2 lessons thus far and will be continuing for another term and shall see how. Wenz love to dance to bits. She is always excited to go when Sun comes. I guess she loves wearing the costume as she feels that she looks like a princess in it. Silly gal....she's mummy's princess no matter wat. :p

I'm also kinda happy to see that she enjoys every lesson. It's not about the outcome of being able to dance or whether it's worth ur money anot but the little joy and happiness brought to a child. Children is so simple, they do not hide their emotion, thus it's rather easy to detect her liking towards a new thing. Hopefully this new exposure will not be a 3-minute thing. The teacher mentioned there will be exam for moving to the next grade. So this is not a play-play thing wor. Well, shall see if she can pass when it comes.
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