22 May 2008

Teacher-Parent Meeting Session

Hb and I went for Teacher-Parent Meeting Session at Wenz' school in the morning. Never expect Pre-Nursery level also got such a meeting thingy but this type of feedback session is good. At least I got to speak to her teachers and understand Wenz' development and behaviour more. This is also some quiet time for both hb and me.

Rmb about the homework that I have done up? Her file was returned to us after the meeting. The teachers has filed her school work under the 6 categories. Her teachers feedback that everything is fine with her with the exception of eating and drinking habits and some behavioral problem.

This is not surprising to us at all as we went there expected this to happen. She was eating too slowly at all times except for her candies and snacks. So she could still eat fast after all right? Her usual lunch and dinner duration is at least an hour. YES! She took an hour just to finish her 1/2 to 3/4 bowl of rice. What's more? Her bowl isn't very big loh. :)

Thus it is not surprising her teachers will find this as a problem. Our conclusion is Wenz is just too missy. Drinking is also a problem as she will purposely do the opposite by not drinking enuf water. With the HFMD on the rise, school will definitely encourage children to drink more water but she can come back with her bottle 3/4 filled and tat's really too little that she has drank in school.

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