06 May 2008


Went for a gathering at a galfriend's house and was chatting with few of my friends while this galfriend was busy tending to her 17 months old son. Dunno what leaded to the topic of PARENTING and this guy friend of mine mentioned that the 'ang mohs' parenting style is so different from Asian.

He told me a story saying that he had watched this on TV - an interview of Neil Armstrong after he came back to Earth from Moon and the 1st thing he told the reporters was "I'm going home for dinner". What actually happened was when Armstrong was a kid at age 5, his mum has just finished bathing him and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. It started raining suddenly and armstrong dashed out to the field and played in the rain happily. The kitchen was directly facing the field and his mum could see what he was doing. Armstrong told his mum he wanted to go Moon, instead of scolding him for getting himself dirty after bathing, she told him "Okay, remember to come home for dinner".

I dun think my kid will be spared from spanking if this were to happen. However, after hearing this story, it made me re-look into my own parenting style.


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  2. 説到管教孩子,嗯,來這兒,介紹你這首啓發了我的好歌。

  3. i let my kids play in the rain thou....

  4. 嗨!謝謝你的介紹,歌詞很有趣 :)

    Hi Irene,
    I dun mind letting the kids play in the rain but definitely not aft bathing. :)


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