17 May 2008

I'm 8 Months Old :)

Saw my 2 white pearlies on my lower gum? They are already full grown and 2 days b4 I turn 8 months old, 1 more tooth from my upper gum has emerged. :)

In this month's development, my proudest achievement gotto be the ability to call "papa". My papa of course very da happy lah. Hmm....not too sure if mummy is equally happy cos I didn't call her 1st despite the fact that she attends to my needs everyday. :p

Another 'fine-tuned' skill I'm currently best at is this fake cry action whenever mummy comes home from work. I'll cry till she carry me up else the fake cry will really turn into real cry. One thing I cannot tahan is I tak boleh see mummy, papa and jiejie go out without me. I'll whine and whine and whine and make sure I wait for them to come home with my eyes BIG BIG no matter how tired I am. However, once they are home, I get really excited about it.

Okie doki, 1 more month before u get to read my updates again.....Stay tune ;)


  1. Very happy to hear 'papa' from nana. Looking forward to hear him call you mummy as well.

  2. tee hee hee hee....I'm sure he will :)


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