31 May 2008

Fooling Around At Home

Things between the 2 kiddos has definitely gotten better over the months. However, slight jealousy issue still persist but I'd say manageable and more to come as they grow.

Wenz woke up one morning seeing didi bathing in his usual bath tub and she insisted to be bathed exactly the way didi was bathed. It's not possible to bath her as the tub is not big enuf to accommodate her size so I improvised and let her have some fun in the bathroom. She also misses swimming thus this definitely kill 2 birds with one stone, plus the blowing bubbles effect, Wenz was thrilled and over the moon with such simple game.

Denz was also happy looking at jiejie's foolish act. He got really excited seeing bubbles and you can spot his cherry look almost every moment winning everyone's heart in the house. He is now labeled as Ye-Ye's Precious Gems.

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