27 February 2007

Happy Birthday to Jiu-Jiu

Happy Birthday to U,
Happy Birthday to U,
Happy Birthday to Jiu-jiu,

Jiu-jiu came over to our place for a small celebration cos ah ma has cooked lotsa yummy food for him. Papa went to buy a cake for the event. After dinner, we had yu-sheng since it was still CNY period.
We allowed our stomach to rest for a while before stuffing the cake right in. Yeah....we sung the birthday song happily and this time round i dun get to blow the candles cos me not the limelight mah. But then hor, make sure u give me a big piece of the cake hor, jiu-jiu!!! Kekekeke :)

24 February 2007

Kylie's 1st Birthday Celebration

Hurray....we went for Kylie mei-mei's birthday party earlier. Oh my.....it was so much fun for mimi and me of course. Mimi has a great time catching up with her old friends while me busy running about here and there and creating havoc together with Gwen jie-jie.

Glenys and Kylie should be able to join in the havoc next time when they are more mobile. Too bad Guan Yuan kor-kor wasn't around when we reached cos he has gone back to take his power nap liao. Aiya cannot blame cos we were extremely late for the event due to the early downpour.

They had juz cut the cake when we reached. I gotta savor the cake. Hmm.... yummy blueberry cake!!!! :p
Kylie looks so sweet and happy on that day. Think she seems to know it was her big day. Aunty Karen even dressed her up like an angel......kawaii ne.
We left shortly after the rain has stopped and me bidded goodbye to all aunties and uncles. Before I forget, I wanna wish Kylie a Happy Birthday too!!!!

20 February 2007

Hmmm.......Yummy Yu-Sheng

Yippee.......me gonna wish ah ma and gong gong Happy New Year and good health. I dun have any chance to wish them on the 1st few days cos ah ma fell ill and was too weak to play with me. She has decided to prepare a small feast since she has getting better liao.
We had yu-sheng too. As it was still a public holiday, mimi invited ye-ye over as well. Gu-gu and Uncle Kelvin juz happened came back from Ipoh on that day too!! I got to play with Ben kor-kor.

Heh heh....not only I got to "toss the fish", I got to eat too!!! That was fun and yummy especially the crispy crispy cracker.

I enjoyed myself to the fullest during this CNY. :)

18 February 2007

Happy New Year to 爺爺 & 奶奶

On the first day of new year, we went to granny and grandpa's house to send them big ang paos and many many well wishes. This year is much better than last year as I'm capable of doing more things. One thing that never change is I still love putting mandarin oranges into my mouth to QC first before exchanging it to my guests. :)

Ye-ye's house is always crowded on the first day of CNY cos everyone will come here as a meeting ground. Mimi of course the happiest cos dun need to go so many places for visiting and can cover all papa's side relatives in one day.

Aunty Melissa lurves 'babysitting' me whenever she sees me. Everyone is busy doing their own things. The kids were forever playing their PS while papa and godpapa were lazing around watching TV.

Talking about godpapa, he will come and visit me cum give me ang pao every year without fail. All the aunties and uncles were still busy chit-chatting, makan-ing and drinking away when we left.
Lastly, I'd like to wish 爺爺, 奶奶 & godpapa a Happy New Year and pink of health always!! And also wishing everyone a "Huat Huat" Year!!!

17 February 2007

Reunion Dinner

We had reunion dinner at our house and jiu-jiu and jiu-ma came over as usual cos lazy mimi says dun wanna travel. :)
Yippee, I got a big fat ang bao from jiu-jiu.

They stayed for a while before sending ah ma and gong-gong to temple. That was when I started crying out aloud when I saw ah ma and gong-gong left the house. Think I must have understand the feeling of 'missing someone'. They still go ahead despite seeing me crying so pitifully. Hmph....dun care, next year I'm gonna make sure I get to tag along too!!!

I took a while to calm down after they left. Then I started remember my fave........what else could it be other than my fave Hi-5 program????

I asked papa to on it for me cos he'll never reject me on this type of request especially when he is doing his personal thing like surfing net or playing games. :p

TV ads has really great influence. After watching the MacDonald's ads for a few times, I kept telling mimi "不能睡, 要為爸媽守歲"!! That's how I ended up counting down to Piggy year with mimi and papa. :)

First Time........

Surprise! Surprise!! This is the very first time papa bot something on his own accord without the influence of mimi. Know what he buy????
A lovely hello kitty organiser for me to dump in my loose toys, books and small items like ME, kekeke!!! Gu-gu's gonna love this if she sees it.

Needless to ask, I lurve it too!!!!

16 February 2007

Oink! Oink! "GONG XI FA CAI"

Upon sending away the "bow wow wow", we are all getting ready to welcome the cutest and smartest animal among the 12 Chinese Zodiacs, "Oink, oink the Piggy".

As usual, I got my new clothes all ready in my wardrobe. Let u have a sneak preview of what I got this year...........

Ah ma bot me 2 sets of cheena clothing while mimi got me 2 dresses. That got to say I have sufficient new clothing to last for the first few days of Chinese New Year!! :p

Lastly, I'd like to wish all my readers a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year Ahead!!!! Yeah!! :)

14 February 2007

Happy Valentines' Day!!

My dear parents din really celebrate this special day this year. No flowers and no dinner but it wasn't bcos their romance has ended. Papa bot mimi a gift 2 weeks before this day has come and it came as a surprise to mimi when she saw it. My papa said as long as love is still in the air of our house, everyday is also like Valentines' Day!! He even smsed her at 3am when he was working to express his V-day msg. The message goes like this:

Knowing u is my Fortune,
Loving u is Joyous,
Marrying u is a Blessing.
Happy Valentine's Day n I Love You!!!

As for mimi, she dun really fancy flowers and she feels that having to spend sooo much on dinner isn't worth it too!! She rather have the $$$ spent on some other useful area. Lucky papa, or his pocket will surely burn a big hole.

Not to worry, at least they have me to celebrate with them at home cos papa bot a cake since everyone in the house including ah ma can eat too!!

I even got the chance to blow off the candle which I DID it!! There shouldn't be any problem in 2 months time when I blow my 2 tiny candles out. Yippee....

The cake is YUMMY and I said something to papa which made him very happy. Guess what???? I said "hmm.......hao chi" means yummy in mandarin. Actually, this is oredi my old trick, juz that papa haven't hear it with his own ear yet :)

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