31 March 2010

Fairy Fun

Princess has been asking to learn ballet again, hence I told her she has learn before and her costume is still in her room. She pestered to put on. I went into her room to 'dig' and managed to find it. Tadah~I put on the pink wing (the one she used to perform on stage) for her to relive her dream.

There she gave me a few poses.....

Then she told me she wanna be a fairy now. She also wanna be a fairy when she turn 5. When she turn 10 years old, she'd still wanna be a fairy.

Sonny boy saw his jie-jie so pretty also wanna put on wing. Luckily I have 2 pair of wings else 'war' will start soon or at least there will be some battle scene. :p

Seeing 'em so happy gave me some form of inspiration too. If we could have a 'dress-up party' for the kids will be very fun.

I think both of 'em will agree with me but the problem is where to find costumes at no cost. :)

27 March 2010

Cars and I Simply Love It...

CARS and I noe perfectly that it is didi's fave. The moment didi saw my artwork when I was back from my art lesson, he snatched over and asked to take foto.

He told me the car in front was his and I was behind him, followed by saying he has won. Didi, I think u have watched too much Disney Cars and Lightning McQueen oredi.

22 March 2010

1st Lesson after Promotion

"Mummy, don't go! I want you to stay in the class with me."

This was what Princess Wenz said to me and I seriously didn't expect such a thing to happen from her. She has been brave all along and if I didn't remember wrongly, she did not cry AT ALL even on her 1st day of preschool.

She said the phrase repeatedly plus some sobbing. She even pulled my leg disallowing me to go out of the room. Her teacher found the scene funny to him and took his iPhone out attempted to take foto of us. How embarassing!

I brought her out of the class, pacified her and reassured her that her 'ang moh' teacher is not going to bite and her new friends are not going to bully her. On top of that, I promised her I'll get her a 'Princessy gift' at the end of the day. She was more inclined to the idea of "Princessy Gift" and accepted my "OFFER". She even asked for a tiara and went into the class without crying after 5 minutes of hoohah.

I bought her the "Princessy Gift" as promised and went to the learning centre waiting for her dismissal. She came out smiling and 1st thing she asked me was "Where's my Tiara?" :)

She was full of questions on our way home.....

W: Is teacher A a boy or a gal?
M: Isn't it obvious that he is a man?
W: Why did he tie his hair like gal? I thot u said only gal will tie hair?
M: *speechless and trying to change topic* Do u like Teacher A?
W: I like Teacher Siti leh. Why I cannot stay in Teacher Siti's class?
M: Bcos u were promoted to this new class last week and u will have new teacher and friends.
W: But I want Teacher Siti.
M: U try again next week. Teacher A is a very nice and interesting teacher.
W: Why did he tie his hair?
M: Bcos he likes to have such hair style?
W: Can didi tie hair too? Can he wear dress too?
M: *Gonna faint soon and the questions continued till I change topic again*

Luckily she was obsessed with 'Princessy' things so we talked the remaining journey about princess and how's she going to celebrate her birthday and so on.

She pestered to open her present and finally the moment was near. As a mother, I think encouraging children to attend class using such method is wrong. Hopefully, she'll return to her normal self next week. I guess the 'ang moh' teacher is too shocking for her to accept and moreover she never has a male teacher before too.

21 March 2010

I Love Sunday!

Woohoo....it's Sunday and I can sleep till sun shine on my butt. Next on my mind will be pestering mummy asking her to bring us out. I could see her 'run-out-of-idea' dunno where to go face when I pop her the question. Then she continued surfing and suddenly she said "Let's go IKEA after lunch."

Now I know her plan. We went Bt Batok for lunch then back to CCK to wait for the FREE SHUTTLE BUS to ikea. While waiting for the bus to arrive, we spotted a booth giving out free balloons for the kids. Didi and I cheong to the spot. I got a heart-shaped while didi got himself a sword.

However, didi's sword din survive for long cos he was having a rough-play with it and it got burst. He went back to the booth hoping to get another but all balloons were given out oredi. As a doting jie-jie, I gave him mine. The heart-shaped also din survive long in his hands. It got burst in less than 5 minutes.

The free bus came shortly and there was a whole bunch of people waited for same free bus too. We quickly boarded and found a good seat. The bus was almost full even b4 going to the next stop which is Bt Batok to pick up more passengers.

Anyway, it started raining heavily the very moment we alighted and we were stranded at the bus-stop. Saw my sad face? Ya, we seek shelter at the bus stop. Holding us longer under shelter will delay my play at Smaleland. After 30 minutes or so, the rain still did not stop but was drizzling, hence we brave thru the rain and reached our destination.

We have finally reached Ikea Building and queuing up to enter the playscape so that mummy could shop in peace.

Mummy bot so many things which I doubt she could take them on board the free bus. We went home in a cab eventually cos it was still raining in the evening but not before having some munchies at the cafe. :p

20 March 2010

Dinosaur Run Wild....

Grrr......dinosaur. Teacher asked me to paint 2 dinosaurs but today 1 only want 1 cos there is only 1 Wenzel. Did u see the color of this dino? PINK! Yes, pink is my fave and is sweet-looking, so dun wori, this dino wun bite and is a friendly one like me. :p

19 March 2010

How to Train ur Dragon

This is the moment I am waiting for - another date with papa to the cinema for movie. Initially, it would be didi's 1st movie experience in the big theatre but he fall sick at the wrong timing. He was vomiting terribly and couldn't join in the fun.

I was so afraid papa will cancel this outing so I have a plan in mind. I paced up and down and in and out of papa's room this morning to gain some sympathy marks and boy he could catch my hint. :p

We went to catch the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon 3D".

I did this at the craft corner with the help of papa after the movie.

Then papa brought me to McDonald's for some fries.....

...and milk shake. Slurp...Yum!!!

I KO on our way home. ;)

13 March 2010

Cheery Cherries Everywhere....

Hmm...cherries - mummy's fave, she can finish one whole box at one go. Papa likes the preserved ones only. Cherries are sweet to look at and nice to paint them but they aren't sweet at all.

Well, in this artwork, I learn to blend different colors for the background and use a paintbrush to do a round cherry. No drawing involve at all. Amazing isn't it?

09 March 2010

ICR Assessment

Wenz has been attending enrichment lesson at I Can Read for 1 term already and I was informed that she will be assessed today to see if she could be promoted to the next level. My verdict is "No Problem" as I could see improvement in her daily work.

Her teacher feedback to me that she has passed the test *OMG, so young already need to sit for test* and as a curious mummy, I asked lots of questions regarding the setting of the assessment, Wenz' performance and her progression.

It was a verbal assessment by native speaker and she knows all her sounds and letters well, well enough to go next level from Thinking & Creative Skills to Preliminary Reading Programme. She was scared and nervous in the beginning and refused to speak up but soon she has overcome her fear and managed to pass the test.

Well done, Wenzel! We are so proud of u. :)
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