19 March 2010

How to Train ur Dragon

This is the moment I am waiting for - another date with papa to the cinema for movie. Initially, it would be didi's 1st movie experience in the big theatre but he fall sick at the wrong timing. He was vomiting terribly and couldn't join in the fun.

I was so afraid papa will cancel this outing so I have a plan in mind. I paced up and down and in and out of papa's room this morning to gain some sympathy marks and boy he could catch my hint. :p

We went to catch the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon 3D".

I did this at the craft corner with the help of papa after the movie.

Then papa brought me to McDonald's for some fries.....

...and milk shake. Slurp...Yum!!!

I KO on our way home. ;)

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