22 March 2010

1st Lesson after Promotion

"Mummy, don't go! I want you to stay in the class with me."

This was what Princess Wenz said to me and I seriously didn't expect such a thing to happen from her. She has been brave all along and if I didn't remember wrongly, she did not cry AT ALL even on her 1st day of preschool.

She said the phrase repeatedly plus some sobbing. She even pulled my leg disallowing me to go out of the room. Her teacher found the scene funny to him and took his iPhone out attempted to take foto of us. How embarassing!

I brought her out of the class, pacified her and reassured her that her 'ang moh' teacher is not going to bite and her new friends are not going to bully her. On top of that, I promised her I'll get her a 'Princessy gift' at the end of the day. She was more inclined to the idea of "Princessy Gift" and accepted my "OFFER". She even asked for a tiara and went into the class without crying after 5 minutes of hoohah.

I bought her the "Princessy Gift" as promised and went to the learning centre waiting for her dismissal. She came out smiling and 1st thing she asked me was "Where's my Tiara?" :)

She was full of questions on our way home.....

W: Is teacher A a boy or a gal?
M: Isn't it obvious that he is a man?
W: Why did he tie his hair like gal? I thot u said only gal will tie hair?
M: *speechless and trying to change topic* Do u like Teacher A?
W: I like Teacher Siti leh. Why I cannot stay in Teacher Siti's class?
M: Bcos u were promoted to this new class last week and u will have new teacher and friends.
W: But I want Teacher Siti.
M: U try again next week. Teacher A is a very nice and interesting teacher.
W: Why did he tie his hair?
M: Bcos he likes to have such hair style?
W: Can didi tie hair too? Can he wear dress too?
M: *Gonna faint soon and the questions continued till I change topic again*

Luckily she was obsessed with 'Princessy' things so we talked the remaining journey about princess and how's she going to celebrate her birthday and so on.

She pestered to open her present and finally the moment was near. As a mother, I think encouraging children to attend class using such method is wrong. Hopefully, she'll return to her normal self next week. I guess the 'ang moh' teacher is too shocking for her to accept and moreover she never has a male teacher before too.

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