21 March 2010

I Love Sunday!

Woohoo....it's Sunday and I can sleep till sun shine on my butt. Next on my mind will be pestering mummy asking her to bring us out. I could see her 'run-out-of-idea' dunno where to go face when I pop her the question. Then she continued surfing and suddenly she said "Let's go IKEA after lunch."

Now I know her plan. We went Bt Batok for lunch then back to CCK to wait for the FREE SHUTTLE BUS to ikea. While waiting for the bus to arrive, we spotted a booth giving out free balloons for the kids. Didi and I cheong to the spot. I got a heart-shaped while didi got himself a sword.

However, didi's sword din survive for long cos he was having a rough-play with it and it got burst. He went back to the booth hoping to get another but all balloons were given out oredi. As a doting jie-jie, I gave him mine. The heart-shaped also din survive long in his hands. It got burst in less than 5 minutes.

The free bus came shortly and there was a whole bunch of people waited for same free bus too. We quickly boarded and found a good seat. The bus was almost full even b4 going to the next stop which is Bt Batok to pick up more passengers.

Anyway, it started raining heavily the very moment we alighted and we were stranded at the bus-stop. Saw my sad face? Ya, we seek shelter at the bus stop. Holding us longer under shelter will delay my play at Smaleland. After 30 minutes or so, the rain still did not stop but was drizzling, hence we brave thru the rain and reached our destination.

We have finally reached Ikea Building and queuing up to enter the playscape so that mummy could shop in peace.

Mummy bot so many things which I doubt she could take them on board the free bus. We went home in a cab eventually cos it was still raining in the evening but not before having some munchies at the cafe. :p

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