31 March 2010

Fairy Fun

Princess has been asking to learn ballet again, hence I told her she has learn before and her costume is still in her room. She pestered to put on. I went into her room to 'dig' and managed to find it. Tadah~I put on the pink wing (the one she used to perform on stage) for her to relive her dream.

There she gave me a few poses.....

Then she told me she wanna be a fairy now. She also wanna be a fairy when she turn 5. When she turn 10 years old, she'd still wanna be a fairy.

Sonny boy saw his jie-jie so pretty also wanna put on wing. Luckily I have 2 pair of wings else 'war' will start soon or at least there will be some battle scene. :p

Seeing 'em so happy gave me some form of inspiration too. If we could have a 'dress-up party' for the kids will be very fun.

I think both of 'em will agree with me but the problem is where to find costumes at no cost. :)

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