09 March 2010

ICR Assessment

Wenz has been attending enrichment lesson at I Can Read for 1 term already and I was informed that she will be assessed today to see if she could be promoted to the next level. My verdict is "No Problem" as I could see improvement in her daily work.

Her teacher feedback to me that she has passed the test *OMG, so young already need to sit for test* and as a curious mummy, I asked lots of questions regarding the setting of the assessment, Wenz' performance and her progression.

It was a verbal assessment by native speaker and she knows all her sounds and letters well, well enough to go next level from Thinking & Creative Skills to Preliminary Reading Programme. She was scared and nervous in the beginning and refused to speak up but soon she has overcome her fear and managed to pass the test.

Well done, Wenzel! We are so proud of u. :)

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