27 February 2010

Kylie's Buffday

It is Kylie's 4th Birthday and we were cordially being invited by aunty Karen to grace this important occasion at her place. The party theme is an ALL HELLO KITTY, even mummy also bot Kylie all HK stuffs.

I wonder aunty Karen loves HK or Kylie :p

Why didn't the BD gal blow off the candles? Seemed like Kylie's mummy and her ah ma's birthday! Luckily didi didn't join in else he will definitely vie to blow off too. :p

Didi was waiting patiently for his cake....

...but not before a group foto with all the kids.

Didi enjoyed eating as much as mummy while I enjoyed every bit of the party and I love the balloons most.

Happy Buffday to U, Kylie. Stay Happy & Pretty 4Eva!

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