13 February 2010

Tiger Year.....Huat ah!!!

Tmr will be the 1st day of CNY and it is the year of Tiger. We have combed thru the whole house but unable to find any related softees to represent the ferrocious Tiger except for the baby inside mummy's tummy. :)

Well, we have come up with something else.....personalised greetings from all of us in the house.

1st, we have papa's Gundam gasaphon saying "Happy New Year"

2nd, we have mummy's gloomy bear, wishing everyone "Wealthy and Prosperity"

3rd will be me, wishing everyone "BEst of HeAlth"

Lastly is from Didi, wishing everyone "Success in Everything U Do"
Do u notice didi is always being associated with food? Wat to do, papa even gave him a nick calling "Ba Jie" if u ever watch "Journey to the West" and coincidently he is born in the year of Pig. :p
Watever it is, wishing everyone a Prosperous CNY and HUUUUUUAT AH!!!!

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