14 February 2010

1st Day of CNY & Happy V-Day!

The norm on the 1st day of CNY every year is to visit ye-ye and nai-nai early in the morning. However, they have chosen to 'escape new year' and fly to faraway Darwin 2 days back leaving our 1st day of CNY with lotsa free time as we do not have to go any house visiting at all cos gong-gong and jiu-jiu also not around.

Jiu-jiu has left his car behind for us to drive around and off we went to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens to have some fun.

The garden has nice flowers and plants all around us.

Besides the greeneries, there are plenty of activities for children too.

We can use natural things to create sound and music.

We were so tempted to play at the wet area but too bad we didn't bring extra set of clothings, hence we settled with having fun at the playground instead.
After some sliding, sand playing and catching, we did some washing up and proceed to explore the remaining garden.
This is fun too, educating us on why plants need sunlight to make food.
2 black swans in the lake along our way out.
Didi will always say "tong cheng...tong cheng..." whenever he sees this.

This garden has never fail to brighten our day.

Wat more to ask for with some cool sweet yummy ice-cream to kill off the heat. Oops! Cannot say 'kill', very inauspicious on CNY. Chill...chill man :p
We went for a spin around the red dot and ended up at a cozy place with nice ambience for dinner.
Papa is still oblivious today is V-day and still asked how come so many couples dining at this place..... *faintz*

...until mummy pointed out it's Feb 14 and papa still din quite get it till he saw the V-Day special menu displayed on the table. Then he asked mummy "when is V-day?" *Double Faintz*

Didi ah didi, hopefully u did not inherit the forgetfulness and insensitivity towards numbers like papa. :)

So where exactly is this place? It's Bishan Park. What a CNY full of parks - Children Park, Bishan Park and of course Carpark. :D

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