23 February 2010

Jiu-Jiu's BD

We couldn't contain our excitement when we saw mummy coming back with a cake after her gynae visit. Then she told us today is jiu-jiu's birthday and he will be coming over to our place tonight. We gotto celebrate for him on his cheena birthday today cos we have a party to attend coming Saturday which is his actual day.

We were forced asked to take our nap 1st cos mummy noe jiu-jiu too well that he will not be any early. However, we chose not to listen. Perhaps we were too excited oredi.

We waited from 9+pm when I came back from my enrichment till 11+pm but still no sign of jiu-jiu. Didi more poor thing, waited longer than me cos he was at home while I went for lesson. Jiu-jiu ah jiu-jiu, why are u so busy?

We could hear the loud car engine sound finally and knew that he was coming. Well, jiu-jiu stepped in at 11.55pm, juz in time for cake-cutting as his birthday wasn't over yet.

We sung happily and cheered loudly....

...yeah, it was cake cutting and both didi and I had a second helping of it. We got wat we had waited and finally we can go to bed and sleep soundly.

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