06 February 2010

Pre-Reunion Dinner

As ye-ye, nai-nai, gu-gu and Ben kor-kor will be away on during the period of CNY, we have decided to have our reunion dinner in advance.

Well, it is juz another very good excuse for the grown-ups to spend and dine while another great outing for me to be Princess and didi to run amok. :p

Luckily we have placed a reservation as there were many people oredi in the restaurant. I guess many people also have their reunion dinner way beforehand juz like us.

Each table was given 2 mandarin oranges and it was juz nice for me and didi so that we wun fight over one only. The oranges were so mini that I could finish it in no time.

1st dish of the night is this 'Yu Sheng'. A must for CNY to toss for good luck and watever u want in the coming year.

Everyone toss and toss and toss and toss to see who can go the highest and it was so fun. I guess didi's hands are too short to reach so he juz sat down ter looking and nibbling on the crispy crispy crackers that fell in front of him.

Ye-ye, nai-nai and gu-gu gave us hongbao while waiting for some other dishes to come out. Didi, u must make sure u dun throw this around, k? Must let mummy safe keep har? Inside got money one hor.

I got mine too.

Everyone eats to their heart content and we headed home right after dinner. Something happened in the bus as mummy has spread her "Merlion bug" to me. I thrown out my last 2 dishes which was noodles and dessert with a loud "SPLAT" in the bus. Everyone in front of me 'Siam' as fast as they could as if seeing a monster. :p

The reason for this saga is quite apparent cos the bus is too jerky and the traffic is too jam-my. The driver kept stpping onto his brake and the front-and-back movement is making me dizzy and pukey. No one was hurt in the process juz gotto tolerate the smell.

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