27 December 2009

X'mas Party

Sunday time is also party time and off we went to aunty Karen's house for another round of X'mas party.

Silly mummy was overwhelmed upon seeing the mega coke.

Aunty Doris and Jeanie jie-jie too!

We, the kids were having fun in the room while mummy the adult were busy kapo-ing outside. Soon the food has came and needless to mention....

.....mummy better filled her tummy else she'll be complaining hungry very soon.

I was attracted to the pretty cupcakes while didi walloped a whole lot of french fries down oredi then he made his way back to the room to hibernate.

Why did the adult enjoy taking foto so much?

Some more so many pattern!!! :p

We had a group foto taken before leaving.....

and also not forgetting a group foto for us kiddos.

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