25 December 2009

Merry Christmas....Ho..ho..ho....

We held our family X'mas gathering on the actual day this as papa gotto work on the eve. The X'mas tree was full of pressies underneath and we were elated.

Seems like there were lotsa good stuff for us especially ye-ye, nai-nai and gu-gu had juz came back from their trip not long ago.

True enuf, I got many many pressies as well as didi. He was over the moon when he saw lotsa Thomas and cars. The best deal was this remote control car from ye-ye. I think papa will have more fun than him. :p

Another worth waiting moment that will make us super happie has come. Cake..cake...cake....for my royal tummy.

We had a beary Merry Christmas! Wat 'bout U? May u be blessed and jolly! Ho..ho..ho...

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